Let Your Blue Status and Hint are More Elegant These Travel Quotes You Can Apply for Your Social Media Status

Feeling blue because it still continues on its own and mate does not come to approach. Do you want a cool status update, a relief, and really represent you but don’t have an idea? Maybe you can write the exact quotes from this novel. Not only represents your feelings, but this novel quote can also improve the quality of your troubled status to be classier. From modern novels to the oldest, the word love never stops being the most interesting discussion. The romance presented in the words of each love novel is indeed meaningful. After knowing what the contents of the quote are, don’t be emo first, and immediately log in to the social media and check the quote out! Don’t forget to include the author’s name so that you are not considered plagiarism.

  1. Quote from Dee Lestari on Perahu Kertas for those who are in puzzles
    “Because the heart does not need to choose, he always knows where to anchor”
    This quote will calm your worries about why the soul mate didn’t come too. Dee right, maybe your soul mate will anchor by himself, sometime later. Keep praying that he who is there immediately brings his face before you.
  2. For those who are just broken-hearted, try adjusting this quote
    “We both might have something in common, we are running. I ran towards something. You run away from something.
    This quote appears in Ahmad Fuadi’s novel entitled Rantau 1 Muara. The simple but very sharp quote to interpret ignorance will greatly represent your feelings that have just become your own due to a broken heart.
  3. Feeling blue can also be in the form of prayer, borrowing the quote Pram only
    “God, teach me to know love as other people interpret it. Because people say, she is the source of everything … “
    Minke in the Jejak Langkah Novel by Pramoedya Ananta Toer who said this sentence. If you update on your social media, who knows that many will agree and your lover will really come over.

Expressing the feeling of being imprisoned due to solitude you really need to do so that your heart is a little more relieved. No need to confide in length, the quotes of this novel are enough to be a clear hint if you just want to be noticed (by him).